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Nyeisha W. High School Student 09/11/05

I'm thirteen years old, in the ninth grade. I went to John McDonough Senior High in New Orleans. I think the school I'm at is cool, and I like it, but right now I'm transferring to MacCallum. I was at Lanier. I like it. I'm looking for a good education. Math is the only thing I'm having trouble with. Everything else I'm good at.

I'm out here with my aunts and my cousins, other cousins and other cousins, little cousins, a lot of cousins. Twenty-six people. I lived in the middle the middle of the city. I lived on Cleveland Avenue. I just be inside on the phone, watching TV. I think I can find most of my friends.

My mother, she's sick. She's having trouble breathing. She's not inside the building, but she's in Baton Rouge. They want me to come see her, so I'm going over there in a few days or so to go see here.

When I tell people how old I am, they won't believe me. It's funny the things that they make you write. I wanted to stay in Austin for a while, but my people, they want to go back to New Orleans, so I guess I'm gonna have to go there. The oldest person with me is my auntie, she's thirty-six, thirty-seven. Older than my mom.

I guess I get my strength from my mother. She always told me to be strong. She's at a hospital.

I want to be an entrepreneur. I really haven't thought about for what, I'm still thinking on it. But I know I want to be an entrepreneur.

I've been here a week or so. I keep busy with reading, sometimes I color, talk to my friends, talk on the phone. And I made new friends. 

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