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Allen T. Eastern New Orleans 10/28/05

Annie H. Volunteer. Katrina Shelter Journal

Antoinette "7". Interview 1 & 2 09/05/05 and 09/13/05

Bradley and Cleo. High School Students, New Orleans. Interview by Abe Louise Young 09/11/05

Carol Y. Mid-City New Orleans Interview by Kristen Carlisle 12/05

Clara Rita B. San Francisco Interview by Rebecca Solnit 11/23/05

Clarice B. New Orleans 09/15/05

Deborah J. Mother. Uptown New Orleans 09/20/05

Denise and Richard. Homemaker and Cook, 7th Ward 11/20/05

Don Artist and Photographer, New Orleans. recorded by Sarah Yahm

Eartherine and Ferdinand Lower Ninth Ward 09/14/05

Ed B. Downtown New Orleans 09/07/05

Geoffrey G. (with comments from friend Myrtle J.) Retired Chemist, Bywater/ New Orleans. Interview by Abe Louise Young

Gerard M. Retired Amtrak Mechanic, Pigeontown 09/14/05

GW Worker and Shelter Volunteer Austin 09/16/05

Jevon L. HazMat Removal Worker, 8th Ward 09/14/05

Joe N. Interview by Abe Louise Young 12/01/05

Joseph M. Retired

Joyce W. Milan Street 09/09/05

Kevin L. Interview by Abe Louise Young 09/11/05

Kimberley M. Junior High School Student, New Orleans 09/20/05

Larry One Man's Struggle Against Katrina and Its Aftermath 09/09/05

Lloyd City Water Board Worker, New Orleans 09/13/05

Louis P. New Orleans

Lynette T. 7th Ward, New Orleans 09/20/05

Mary Elizabeth B. Social Worker, Algiers Neighborhood 09/13/05

Mary F. Artist, French Quarter

By Meg Brizollara, R.N. A Nurse's Letters from San Antonio

Michael K. Artist, French Quarter 09/20/05

Michael V. 09/06/05

Miranda B. 09/13/05

New Jangles Street Performer in the French Quarter. Interview by Jessica Moist 06/11/06

Nyeisha W. High School Student 09/11/05

Oneal P. 09/15/05

Rachid L. Welder, Marrero. Interview by Melissa Metry and Krissy Mahan 09/12/05

Renee K. 09/14/05

Rickey B. Calliope Housing Projects 09/10/05

Mrs. Rose Guy Retired, Former resident of St Bernard Housing Project, New Orleans. Interview by Jessica Moist 06/13/06

Rose L. Retired, Austin Eastside Resident and Katrina Shelter Volunteer

Shaun M. outside the Austin Convention Center, by mike Evans 09/08/05

Sid and Joe N. Retired Electrician and High School Teacher, St. Bernard Parish, LA. Interview by Abe Louise Young 12/28/05

Soldier Man. Street Preacher, Mid-City/Downtown New Orleans 09/13/05

Stewart M. Musician, New Orleans 09/14/05

Tami J. Algiers 09/07/05

Tyrone W. Veteran, North Villere 10/28/05

Wayne G. with comments from mother Marian G. Singer, 9th Ward 09/07/05

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